Let Go to Gain

I will preface this by saying: Beware, this goes completely against many of the American messages out there.

Ok. I said it.

Have you ever read up on Francis and Clare of Assisi back in the late 1100′s into the 1200′s? (see link below)

This past month, I’ve been personally obsessed with reading about their way of life, the revolution they ignited in the Church, and the way they lived a simple approach to life in order to serve with their lives.

This makes me wonder: In our daily lives of trying to lead and motivate others, are we letting go of our need “to be important,” possessions that are trying to steal our allegiance, and/or dreams that may overbear the ambition and lifestyle of loving God and loving others as we love ourselves (Matthew 22:36-40)?

Working for a sports ministry, I daily need to look at myself in the mirror and ask, “Is it about serving coaches and athletes with the love of God or is it about me feeling important?”

Whenever I choose to let go of my selfish ambitions and instead choose simply to love God and love others, it’s amazing what happens in me and what I truly gain.

Letting go of what we want to hold onto is a form of suffering, yet we gain this amazing way of life and understanding of God’s heart far beyond what we could accomplish by our own ambitions.

What is it today in my life, in your life, that we could consider letting go of in order to gain more of God’s love and life?