The Motivation to Actually Connect with People

One growing epidemic I’m seeing around me in our American culture is the lack of real connection among people.

Sure, we have blogs like this and social media outlets to constantly connect with many at a single moment. Yet, truly looking one another in the eye and listening to and valuing each other seems more an exception than the rule.

I don’t mean to be Pessimistic Patty, but especially being around the youth I interact with in my job and in coaching, this seems to be a reality.

This past March 5, with the help of an awesome volunteer who is a highly successful financial advisor in the community, we hosted a Leadership Training for our FCA high school leaders focused on Maxwell’s Law of Connection (See  We literally spent five minutes having them introduce each other and engage in a conversation after the concept was taught. I’m so glad we did it!

And wow, did I sure learn the value of connecting with others in my recent trip to Swtizerland and Paris, France!  I got to meet this awesome chick from Latvia, a friend of a friend named Lolita.  I quickly learned she is a master at connecting with people.

She’s patient, asks great questions, and genuinely cares for others.  Her and I went skiing in the Alps (see pictures above) and I had NEVER skied seriously before.  Lolita constantly asked how I was doing, helped me, and really gave me the confidence I needed to keep skiing and not feel like I was going to die up there!

Lolita taught me so much about the value of connecting.

So, what is the motivation to connect with people?
Connecting with others makes people feel like they are truly valued human beings and gives them the confidence to be who themselves.  Isn’t that what we all want to feel?


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