The Worthy Fight Towards Family

20160102_121519 (2)I’ve never seen anything quite like I did last week after a Syracuse City District team’s practice.

I’ve been getting to know the coach and the program this season and trying to find ways to encourage their tremendous efforts as an FCA staff support.  This coach gives so much time and energy into her players and longs to see them grow in success on and off the field and it’s a joy to try to support her.

The day before this practice I was referring to, the coach asked her team to think about as individuals what their motivation is for playing and to be ready to share that with their teammates and coaches the next day.

I watched the ups and downs of their practice as I held a bag full of goodies that I would give to who the coaches selected as their “CUSE Practice Player of the Week.” (Communication – Unwaivering – Selfless – Enthusiastic)

The coach was supportive of me contributing to the program in this way, and I was excited.  As they gathered in a circle after practice, I walked into this circle sharing of “What’s My Motivation?”  as I held my bag of goodies.  What happened in that circle really struck me.

Almost every single player cried as she shared!  Most of them shared stories of how the team motivates them because they each feel supported, pushed, anda part of a family.  Wow.  At the end of it, as I explained the key character traits and handed the award to the player the coaches selected, I smiled and told them what a special and unique team they have.

Whatever contexts we’re involved in life, whether that be coaching, teaching a classroom, parents, a part of an office environment, leading a small business, and so on, may we seek to create an atmosphere like this where our people are proud to be a part of it and feel accepted and loved and pushed forward.

There is never complete perfection reached in the above endeavor because let’s face it, we humans are ridiculously stubborn, fearful, selfish, and judgmental at times.

Yet, as I stood there witnessing this Family full of gratitude, laughter, and tears, I realized that the motivation to becoming more and more like a Family in the groups we’re involved in is a worthy fight.


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