Care to Prepare?

Recently, my friend Maria and I went to a boxing class randomly.  We both work out, sure, but we had never boxed before.  We were in for a rude awakening.

We spent probably an hour on ab work and burpees and push ups alone.  Not to mention the actual boxing part.  Now, the methods/background of the place I admit were a bit odd, but nevertheless, we learned something that day:  It takes a crazy person to spend all those hours in grueling training and preparation in order to compete in the ring for a very short period of time.

According to an expert boxing website, amateur boxers usually should train 3-5 hours a day, five days a week.  Likewise, in my experience as a college basketball player at the University of Maine (6 years ago this month, wow!), we typically spent 20-30+ hours a week training and practicing, depending on the time of year.

It makes me remember: The crazy difference in amount of hours spent preparing for our games versus the time actually spent competing in the games during our season.  The amount of hours, energy, and heart put in by the players and coaches for the potential success of our games was pretty remarkable (my knees are still feeling that commitment!)

This all reminded me of my experience in work this past week.  As the school year is winding down, I’m spending more time on preparing for camps, preparing for next school year, preparing a summer leadership program, preparing for our budget next year and less time in my own “games”: time spent with coaches and athletes.  I’ve noticed that my consistency and passion has been much more tempted to waiver.

…Why?  Because preparing really isn’t as exciting.

Even in the seemingly mundane preparation we put into our daily lives, we need to continue to remember where we’re heading.  Preparation in itself without a goal in mind or a vision for the future can feel like misery.  But preparation with a purpose, a drive, and an end in sight will give us the life we need to put our best work in the now.

So, if you’re wondering what’s my hope for the preparation I’m putting in now for this summer and next year?  Simple: That my/our efforts will allow coaches and athletes to feel more loved by God and by us in FCA a little bit more each day.

So, care to prepare?  Put in that seemingly mundane work when necessary today to help fulfill the dreams in your heart for others.


One thought on “Care to Prepare?

  1. Boxing??? Lefty puncher?? 🙂 Another amazing analogy…..hope your “possibilities” analogy mind can rest a little this weekend. These are your thoughts that I love to hear/read.

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