Learning from a Janitor… Great Read for Coaches

Ever read the book Lead for God’s Sake?

If you’re a coach and you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it (Local coaches – I’m happy to give you a copy via FCA!).  Side note: Even if you don’t coach, this is very life applicable for all relationships.

What reminded me of this book is that I had early coffee with some coaches last week doing some awesome work this summer with Building Men in the Syracuse City School District.  One of the coaches mentioned how much the book impacted him and further encouraged him on his journey to coach out of love and not fear.  I read this book a few years back and instantly realized how important it is to pass on this book to others and try to live out these principles as a coach.

It does have a Christian bend to it, emphasizing the Why – motivation of coaching and the ways we motivate kids in a simple story yet can apply to coaches of all faiths/beliefs.  It has huge nuggets of wisdom, illustrated in something similar to this above visual often used in the book.

Long story short: the high school coach in this book is a driven dad and coach with a habit of putting winning over the welfare of the people in his life. The result? Damaged relationships and a burnt out team.  Slowly the school’s janitor starts to feed him one liners that challenge his thinking and motivation which leads the coach to pursue sit down talks with this janitor.  Ok that’s it; I don’t want to give too much away…

Here’s a big takeaway:  As coaches, is our default mode of motivating players out of fear (hatchet in illustration) or out of love/relationships?   Is the way our players perform because we threaten them or because we love them?  How consistent is that?

I’m personally hoping I remember these important questions as I lead an open gym for our basketball program today 🙂  Have a great Monday!



One thought on “Learning from a Janitor… Great Read for Coaches

  1. Coming back from my time with Margaux…Robin had to reschedule for Thursday….so stopped at Tim H. in Waterville and read this. Excellent!! Have I told you you are excellent at what you do?? 🙂 Also…do you have a copy you can send me of this book?? If so, I will pay for it and for the shipping if you can send it to me…THANK YOU!! Pumped right now after meeting with Margaux in regards to working with female coaches…Chat with you around 3. 🙂 Sandy

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