Watchin’ that Seed Grow

13730921_10103173681708269_6630974240828734764_o (3)

Coaches need to see some progress every now and again.

With the daily stresses and distractions and questions in the life of a teacher / coach, and working with athletes who are still in the adolescent phase, it can be hard to see the progress you’re hoping for.  At least, that’s what I hear from coaches consistently and experience myself.

Six out of the seven girls in this picture were personally coached and taught phys ed. by this amazing coach (in the black All In shirt) in middle school and are now in high school.  Wonderful middle school.  You know, that time you’re starting to sort of find yourself?

I’ve enjoyed walking with this coach via FCA for the last three years and I know her job ain’t easy.  I am personally blessed when I watch her seeing the seeds grow that she tries so hard to plant every day as a teacher and a coach.  Two Wednesday’s ago was one of those times!

It was another session with the group of girls taking part in a month long summer program with me called FCA SALT (Student Athlete Leadership Training).  Each of these young women are growing leaders in their own right and want to keep growing.  So, when their former middle school coach was able to come in and spend a night with them sharing her journey to and with God and sharing the importance of life-building relationships in her own life, these girls listened.  They were able to catch up with their old coach and hear more about her life and experience knowing her in a deeper level.

One of the girls acknowledged with the group and her former coach how she didn’t necessarily like her or appreciate her when she was in middle school.  A few years back, she wasn’t understanding why this coach seemed to be pushing her like she was.  Now she gets it: her coach has deeply cared for her and been at her side all since her start in middle school.

I feel grateful to watch these moments play out and to watch a coach see some of the seeds she planted start to sprout up.

Whatever seeds YOU are planting (whoever has read this far!), remember that if you’re planting them in love, there will be growth.  You just may not see it so much yet.  Stay faithful to planting the seeds you’ve been given and keep remembering those moments you’ve already seen those seeds grow.  I’m trying to say this to myself also as I write this 🙂

(P.S. this prayer always helps me get the right mindset in this area!)

Happy Monday!



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