The Wait Gain


Thanks for trying to correct my grammar, but yes, I really did mean “Wait Gain” not “Weight Gain.”

Have you noticed how hard it is for us Americans to wait?

Whenever I go to the doctor’s office,  all of us in the “waiting room” seem to have the immediate reaction of checking our phones.  We have a hard time naturally just sitting in a chair, waiting.  15 minutes can feel like 5 hours.

Then of course there’s the airport wait.  My brother and I (who may not be very happy I posted this picture of him) were recently waiting in a five hour delay coming home from vacation with our dear grandparents.  When the airlines originally told us that our plane needed maintenance and that we’d have to wait for the next plane, there were a few people that literally screamed at the flight attendants, staring them down and standing in line for a good hour, I think maybe to prove that this was ridiculous?

Now, as a “kind Christian,” I instead just got bitter with them in my head.  And then my brother said something really helpful:

“Who cares?  I’d rather wait and live than be on a broken plane and die.”

Good point.  If waiting brings about something good/something necessary, why fight the inevitability of it?

And I have found that it’s in those moments when I choose to actually embrace the time of waiting that I may think of an idea, hear more of God’s heart, or experience a conversation with a random stranger that I would’ve missed had I sat sulking in my anger about the wait.

We live in a day where everything seems at our fingertips.  But in our heart of hearts we know that the really important things in life: relationships, our growth in faith and in love, causes that make our world a better place, all take time.  There’s a necessary period of waiting before a seed can grow, before a life is deeply touched, before a relationship develops.

What is it in each of our lives where we regularly have to wait that we can choose to gain from?  How can we intentionally use the waiting to grow in some way?

Happy Monday!


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