Keep Your Cards!

Over the last 10 years, I’ve kept almost all of the cards I’ve been given.  Yup, that’s a lot of cards.

There were cards from when I graduated high school and college.  Sympathy cards from after my mom died. Random cards from those that just wanted to encourage me.  Cards before a big game from teammates.  Cards from my grandparents and cards from my best friend.  Cards that were included in a care package. Random notes left for me from roommates.  And among many others not mentioned, “wooly cards” from my dear friend Sandy.

You ever have that person in your life that is a constant source of encouragement and support to you?  Well, shout out to my friend and mentor Sandy, who has been sending me these wooly cards for God knows how long.  In case you’re not aware of what those are, wooly cards are cards with sheep on them representing God’s love for us and friendship in all different types of categories.

Why am I telling you this?  Beyond the fact that I wanted to brag for a second that I have a friend like Sandy, it’s because I am urging you to keep those cards that are genuine.  Those cards that encourage you and remind you of a season you’ve been in.  It’s always helped me to consistently look at these cards and remember where I’ve been, the people that God put in my life and the seasons I’ve come out of.

So go ahead and motivate yourself today or this week by looking at a kind card or note someone gave you.  Happy Monday!


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