I’m passionate about empowering and equipping young adults to impact others positively through sports.  I also love learning from people (young and old, rich and poor, goofy and serious) and good books and my favorite thing in life is a toss up between laughing hysterically, eating ice cream, or working with kids.

I’ve worked for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) as an Area Representative in both Maine and in Upstate NY for almost six years now.  You can learn more about FCA at http://northeastfca.org.  I also coach at a local high school as the JV Head Coach and volunteer in different ways in our city.  I love being a part of a city community in its messes and in its growth together.  I love having a hope in faith in a God who came to us as a humble human (Jesus Christ) Who redeemed, restored, and showed us how to live a life of loving God and all people for eternity.

I hope this corny type of motivation from my own experiences can make people laugh, be inspired to love a little bit more, and maybe touch some people out there somehow, more than just my Grandma (Although my Grandma is perfect and that really is enough for me 🙂 )